Provide all animals with the basic necessities for a happy and healthy life, including love and care.

The vision of PAWS is to unite pet owners and animal lovers to work together to create a better standard of living for all pets, animals, and wildlife. Pet Animal Wildlife Society(PAWS) is also focused on providing a transparent, public ledger for transactions and donations by utilizing blockchain technology. Through its own cryptocurrency, PAWS, instantaneous payments and transactions are able to be made anywhere in the world, as long as there is access to the internet. One of many goals is to see PAWS as a well-adopted form of simple payment that enables people take better care of their pets, donate towards animal causes, charities, and wildlife organizations.

Problem: Unnecessary Suffering

Many pets, animals, and wildlife endure unnecessary suffering on a daily basis. Not only do other animals need the basic necessities, like humans, they also need love and care.

Solution: Community & Cooperation

By creating a strong, international community, Pet Animal Wildlife Society helps to strategically organize and gather resources for feeding, nourishing, and protecting animals of all types.

Problem: Lack of Trust & Transparency

One of the biggest problems with nonprofits and other organizations is the lack of trust between the donors and these organizations. Most organizations do not clearly show where all of the donors' resources are sent, along with where and how they are used.

Solution: Immutable & Trackable Transactions

PAWS drastically limits the possibility of organizations and people masking or deceiving the public and their donors by having an easy to use cryptocurrency, powered by blockchain technology, that is 100% trackable on an open, public ledger.

PAWS Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency & Payment System
Donation Tracking Tool
Open & Transparent Ledger
Pet-Friendly Locations Directory
Rewards & Savings System
Unique Pet Identity
Pet Tracking Registry
Social Media Platform & Forum
Pet Tracking Technology Pet Collars
Crowd Funding Platform
Animal Cruelty Rescue Hotline
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PAWS Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

PAWS has chosen to create a cryptocurrency, as it is one of the best modern methods for instantaneous transactions and minimal transaction fees. This allows for contributors and donors to be able to have more of their donations, or all of their donations, sent directly to support the cause or campaign to their choosing. This helps to prevent third parties from gouging people with outrageous fees or certain organizations with unknown “administration fees”. Utilizing blockchain technology, permits transactions to be immutable and transparent. This allows for transactions to be easily tracked on an open, public ledger. Now, everyone can see exactly how much funding or resources are sent, received, and where they go.

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