An Animal Charity Ledger powered by Blockchain.


Q1 2019

PAWS' submits the applicaiton for non-profit organisation status.

IOS and Android mobile wallets go into development, launches continues with the PAWS online store!

Q2 2019

PAWS is officially registered as a corporation and a registered charity. Development and testing of the PAWS pet tracking collar begin, and the donation tracking tool goes live, allowing real-time, transparent donation tracking and verification.

Q3 2019

Two major launches occur; PAWS' revolutionary animal registry system goes live, and the PAWS pet tracking collar with unique pet identification is released to the community and coin holders. The locations directory also goes live.

Q4 2019

The animal cruelty rescue hotline is initially deployed. PAWS' exchange listing action plan continues, including efforts to have PAWS listed on multiple top-50 exchanges to trade alongside BTC, ETC, LTC, and other major players. The PAWS Rewards and Savings platform is also launched.

Our Features

Animal Charity powered by Blockchain

Strong, Secure Blockchain Based

A strong, secure, and masternode-backed PAWS coin that will feature strong secondary market support mechanisms, and a Mastercard/Visa Debit Card for direct use of PAWS at any merchant worldwide*. Using and spending PAWS coin will be uncomplicated and effortless. (*with our soon to be announced processor and direct fiat to paws settlements)

Decentralized Social Network

A Secure, decentralized, free from ads, and data-for sale, social network and hub for Pet/Animal owners and caretakers with detailed registry of all Pets/Animals, with an easy to use and intuitive quick data specifics and uploads to the PAWS network.

Blockchain Registry Collars

A blockchain powered, secure, immutable, full pet and animal registry available to users and coin holders of PAWS, with our soon-to-be introduced PAWS powered registry collars, a unique key provided to each of your Pet/Animals with a robust registry portal, which will feature rapid deployment of Pet/Animal alerts to all PAWS wallet owners worldwide, to enable the quickest possible search, identification, and rescue ability.

Information Retrieval

PAWS commitment and pledge to fight all Pet/Animal charitable needs, including food/care/and all medical needs. PAWS will vehemently challenge the existing potential for any Pet/Animal to go hungry or without proper medical attention, love, and care. The PAWS network will utilize the generosity of its worldwide community to help raise initiatives and near instant crowdfunding individual Pet/Animal needs

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